2020 will have been a special and unprecedented year in more ways than one, and 2021 will mark a renewal and even a renaissance for many sectors of activity. And graphic designers and other web designers are going to have to participate in this “world of after”. So what will be the major trends in web design and graphics in 2021? OPRONE, Web & Digital Media Service Provider, presents the 10 graphic trends that it believes will be in the spotlight in 2021.

1. Geometric shapes to convey the image of order and coherence

Example by Marco Oggian
Example by Broklin Onjei

2020 will have already seen the return of geometric shapes in designs and other logos. Co-existing with more fluid and abstract graphic creations, these geometric creations will undoubtedly mark the year 2021. Synonymous with an order, each figure conveys this notion of order and rigor, two aspects to be highlighted after a year of chaos. Right angles and other rigid shapes structure the visual. Also, check out our article on the meaning of logo shapes if you are interested in this topic.

2. Simplicity, the new holy grail of corporate communication

Example by Soni Laia

Quickly access information and get the message across in record time. The objectives of graphic designers are now clearly displayed, and this simplicity leads to a trend, already emerging in early 2020 even if it could not be confirmed: minimalism. Clean shapes and textual content that goes to the heart of the matter. A trend that makes it possible to be more impactful but also to adapt to all screens, and to the age of mobile-first, it is far from being a detail. More than a simple trend, minimalism will be made to last because in a world saturated with information, visual and textual messages must be concise, clear, and focused to reach their target.

3. Pop Art and Comics on theaters in 2021

woman in white hat and white coat

If communication is to impose the expertise and thoroughness of the company, it must also anchor the brand in the minds of consumers. Stand out by relying on graphic elements, once again acclaimed by users. In 2021, pop art and comics should find their place in trendy graphics. Aesthetic and joyful, this reappropriation can help convey many messages, in a humorous and / or quirky tone. For a fun communication this style will be perfectly suited.

4. Typography emerges from obscurity and anonymity

Example by Danilo Gusmão Silveira

Here again, daring has turned the tables, even though 2021 should see the consecration of XXL typefaces. To be seen from afar but in an increasingly personalized and worked style. Typographic creations must materialize this desire, this search for the “next world”, so as to say that standardization no longer has its place. And this daring even invades lettering for packaging, because the differentiation must be felt in every detail. Handwritten typography will be in the spotlight because it brings a human character that becomes essential for the values of brands.

5. Graphics and design are adorned with militant virtues and claim it

Activism crossed the beginning of the decade and the 2020s followed in the footsteps of their big sister, the Roaring Twenties. Between health and social crisis and the Black Lives Matter movement, brands are also positioning themselves more or less directly. Environmental issues, mobilization to preserve democracy, or even efforts to save the environment, all causes for which designers will have to reflect societal commitment. A more active and militant Branding in 2021 will emerge!

6. Authenticity, tradition to inspire graphics in 2021

Branding, activism, minimalism,… The trends for 2021 were partly born out of the particular context of this global pandemic. So creativity must ensure that we extricate ourselves from this sometimes gloomy daily life, but it must also and above all echo the main explanation for the rebound so hoped for in 2021: people. Graphics that are more inclusive, more united, and naturally more authentic. We warned you, values will be at the heart of graphics in 2021, and people will remain one of the most important.

7. 3D or Motion Design, graphics to escape and dream

Example by – SAWDUST –

Surprise and amaze visitors and/or readers, this is a perfect mission for 3D in graphics. Optical illusions, effects games,… anything is possible on the condition that creativity is allowed to speak. 2021 should generalize 3D in design and graphics, while Motion design will continue to attract more and more citizens and companies. After all, 2021 will confirm that graphic design remains above all an artistic creation in its own right.

8. Softer and more natural colors to mark the renewal

Example by Elina Kobylianska

In 2021, the colors will be softer and more natural, and the pastels will find colors to the detriment of the more electric colors. The warmer colors will remain popular, even if the time will be degraded. We find this importance of authenticity and a return to basics as if graphic design also had to chart the way to imagine this world afterward.

9. Stand out, originality above all in 2021

Responsive Design or Visual design for mobile and applications, warmer colors, and more sophisticated typography for printed media, design, and graphics should, above all in 2021, allow each E-commerce, company to stand out significantly. The era is no longer of similarities but of strong, well-marked identities.

10. The nature that inspires graphic creations

Example by Supernova Design
Example by Orlagh Murphy
Example by Kateryna Yemchyk

Year of engagement, 2021 also marks the rediscovery of traditions (“handmade”, pastel shades, etc.). So this year, graphics will be part of this eco-design trend. The aesthetics reflect the ecological commitments of the company and the graphics help anchor this brand image in an eco-responsible future. The CSR actions of companies increasingly committed to reducing impressions and the use of ecological communication media go hand in hand with this graphic movement.

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It’s very special to have something unique to represent my brand that means something to me. I had a great time working with The Oprone! The branding process was fantastic for me since it allowed me to clarify what I was giving as well as who I was and how I wanted to be perceived. It meant the world to me that you were able to turn my vision board into illustrations, fonts, colors, and other elements as per my imaginations. I’m incredibly pleased with my brand and website.

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