We love what Steven jobs said: “Design is a really, loaded word. I don’t know what it means. So we don’t talk a lot about design around here, we just talk about how things work. Most people think it’s about how they look, but it’s about how they work”.

Software developers and website designers are familiar with the digital user interface. To obtain an optimal user experience, the graphical interface and ergonomics are at the heart of the concerns when designing a site or software. Discover the benefits of the digital interface as well as the UI and UX.

What is UX and UI design?

UX design stands for User Experience while UI design refers to the term User Interface. These two elements are essential for the design of a site or software and work closely together. While the relationship between the two is obvious, they are very different elements as one refers to an analytical and technical area and the other to graphic design.

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UX design is the process of developing and improving the quality of the interaction between the user and the site or software. This tool is responsible for setting up the research, testing, development and content process to assess the quality of the design. UX design therefore represents the strategic objectives, design issues as well as the technological parameters that are taken into account for the design of a site or software.

UI design consists of all the elements of an Internet surface that a user can see and interact with. This tool is therefore linked to the ease of use as well as the ergonomics of a site or software since it corresponds to the simple command line of text up to graphical interfaces. In the area of interface design, stock video is particularly used by developers to optimize UI design. The user interface is the determining element for a good digital user experience.

In its definition, UI Design therefore encompasses everything related to graphics, appearance and layout. We find there :

  • Logo
  • Layout grid
  • Typography
  • Fonts
  • Icons
  • Colors
  • The layout of navigation buttons
  • Graphical charter…

A successful and efficient user interface

All website or software designers and developers are fully involved in the design of the user interface, which is critical. The main goal of a successful and efficient user interface is to encourage visitors to stay, return and continue to use the site or software. Above all else, the design must be easy to use and intuitive to adapt to all users.

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This is because the design of the UI should truly match your target audience. Generally, the main issues of the graphical interface are readability, ease of use, functionality as well as aesthetics. The graphical interface is an essential element for the success of a website or software.

I highly recommend the Oprone firm. They were able to design and implement a complex task for us. It required not only the knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript but also required an understanding of web scraping and data integration. They have succeeded in accomplishing this well beyond our expectations. The tool is working well and is bringing in customers. Thank you, Oprone!

— Victor Fedin | Director, Leasing. Smartland United States

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